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Auckland restaurants visitors' love

Posted by Website Admin on November 15, 2017

Auckland restaurants loved by visitors 

A trawl through Trip Advisor reveals the top ten Auckland restaurants according to both visitors and a fair number of locals. They range from Peruvian-inspired to Japanese-influenced menus so it begs the question. Is there such a thing as a truly ‘New Zealandesque’ restaurant in the top ten on Trip Advisor? Outside of Al Brown or Gourmet Hangi food trucks, are there restaurants serving up genuine Kiwi-style fare ?

We’re pleased to shout “yes!”

Over the last twenty years, New Zealand based chefs have developed a style of cooking often described as Pacific Rim. This combines the best New Zealand ingredients, its lamb, seafood and game with the flavours of Asia and European influenced cooking techniques.

The advent of TV shows like My Kitchen Rules and Master Chef have created ‘personality chefs” and lifted the bar on dining expectations. Menus have become more sophisticated which is certainly the case with the top ten on Trip Advisor for 2017.  Here’s how these Auckland restaurants rank based on diner reviews (* an asterix denotes a central city or city fringe location) :

1. Kazuya* in Symonds Street, Eden Terrace end. European cuisine with Japanese Influence.

2. Cassia* in Fort Lane. Southern style Indian, awarded Metro Magazine’s Restaurant of the year.

3. Sid Art* in Ponsonby Road, international style cuisine

4. One Tree Grill, Pah Road, Epsom for steak and New Zealand-inspired cuisine.

5. Azubu*, Ponsonby Road for Peruvian, Japanese cuisine

6. The Grove* on Saint Patrick's Square, Wyndham St for French, European

7. The French Cafe*, on Symonds Street.  

8. Clooneys* on Sale St - a culinary tour of New Zealand.

9. Ela Cuisine* in Elliot Street Stables, Elliott for Indian fare

10. Blue Elephant* on Parnell Rd for Thai, Vegetarian

We often get asked by visitors to Auckland, ‘where can we try New Zealand food?”

On trawling through the menus of the top ten, both One Tree Grill and Clooneys promote their New Zealand identity with the latter stating “ From the lush rainforests of the North to the expansive coastal wilderness of Fiordland, the striking geography of New Zealand’s regions is brought to life on the plate.” Quite like the sound of that.  

One Tree Grill’s menu includes whitebait sandwiches or Hawkes Bay lamb belly and the bistro takes a full circle approach by recycling composted food waste in their kitchen gardens. It’s also the only suburban restaurant to feature in the top ten so that’s pretty impressive too as it’s out of the way for visitors.

It’s great to see a range of cuisines however feature in the top ten on Trip Advisor, especially as Auckland is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The most recent census recorded over 200 different nationalities residing in Auckland.

We actively promote great restaurants as we walk on our Hello Auckland walking tour.  You can also include lunch at a popular city bistro at tours end or indulge in New Zealand seafood on our Waterfront Sites and Bites tour. We even book you in!