The Professional Guides of Auckland

It's our pleasure to personally welcome you, share our Kiwi culture and set you on the right path when you visit Auckland. As guides, we call it manaakitanga, the Maori word for hospitality. We'll take you inside the real Auckland and reveal the special places the big walk groups and bus tours don't.

Visitors often say that we're the best place to start an Auckland visit. 

Our top-rated tours combine stories about Auckland's heritage and its here and now. The city's interesting sights, hidden secrets, the best places to eat, drink and shop are all discovered with us.

We know what it’s like to travel solo, as part of a couple or family group. That's why we keep our tours small, up to a maximum of eight people, and introduce everyone so you feel really welcome. 

As members of Auckland's Heart of the City, our local business association, we’re passionate about supporting the city cafes, arts or crafts shops, fashion boutiques and artisan food suppliers we walk by. 



We receive no commissions or kick-backs from our hand-picked retail partners to ensure you get the best genuine advice.

As an ethical walks business, we promote green tourism and often combine walking with public transport on our tours. We’re proud to be an Auckland Travelwise winner. 

We respectfully amble around the city and give back to it too by supporting our homeless and rough sleepers with regular donations.

Because people are at the heart of what we do.


Local Liz - Guide Director

Hello or Kia ora! I'm a fourth generation Kiwi girl with a passion for professional guiding. It blends my communications background with a love of storytelling, research and showcasing Auckland, my hometown. I relish revealing the city's hidden gems to both visitors and locals. I'm an official Auckland Ambassador and an associate member of ProGuides New Zealand.

I have raised my two sons In Auckland while also knocking off most of the Great Walks of New Zealand. Well travelled, I love hanging out with happy people on holiday! Read on for an insight on what to expect from my Auckland.

Don't be surprised if an Aucklander gives you a cheery "Hi" as they walk down the street to the corner dairy (shop) - we're just friendly. Be prepared for Maori place names you can't pronounce but have a go anyhow - it'll give the locals a laugh. Just remember to roll your "R"s. And the weather? Well dress for four seasons in one day and you'll be right. It rains often and that's why Maori first called us ‘Aotearoa -the land of the long white cloud'. It's also why our city tap water is safe to drink.

Be prepared to stop at zebra crossings which our kids sprint across bare feet to school or for a Customs Officer to ask, "any fruit in your bag Sir?" when you arrive in New Zealand. We're super protective of our agriculture so bin the banana before you arrive!

Expect to hear many accents on your visit. After all, Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world. Not the "Little Britain of the South Pacific" and many visitors remark on the city's cultural diversity as I show them around.

One day is never enough in a new city. So walk with me to discover the real Auckland and lose yourself.
We're stoked that you're coming down to see us.

Nga mihi! (Bye for now)