We Give Back

Tired. Cold. Scared and hungry. That’s how the 170 or so Aucklanders who sleep outside every night describe their lives in Auckland central.  It’s not exactly the picture of Auckland we want to paint for visitors, but it’s a growing issue. Rough sleepers discretely live their private lives in the public parks and streets we walk through. Our cityscape is their living room.
As a small ethical walks operator we want to do our bit, by helping the Auckland City Mission. Because their outreach team walk the central city caring for rough sleepers. Their community Drop-in Centre provides food, hot drinks and other practical assistance to our city's homeless.

Last year Aucky Walky Tours and their supporters donated nearly $2600 towards youth shelters in the city.

So if you’re kind enough to review us on Trip Advisor, we’ll pay your kindness forward. By donating $1 to the Auckland City Mission. So together, we can do good in the hood.

Thank you very much.

"The support from Aucky Walky Tours is a great example of a small, local business making a positive difference to the community they operate in. We are thrilled that a tourism operator is plucky enough to highlight a very real social issue for Auckland.  We also enjoyed our walk with them very much."  Alexis Sawyers, Team Leader – Fundraising, Auckland City Mission