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Posted by Website Admin on March 22, 2017

Two Legs Good, Four Wheels Bad

Here’s a number for you – 44,000.

That’s how many cars were added to Auckland’s roads last year.

Based on this depressing trend (with its upward trajectory) it is little wonder Auckland has been labelled as one of the most congested cities in the world – up there with Hong Kong, Bangkok (been there, done that and nearly missed my flight ) and most of Australia’s big cities.

So, what does this mean in terms of time spent doing not much and not getting very far, in your car?  According to Tom Tom’s Traffic Index report 2016, drivers in New Zealand's biggest city now spend an extra 45 minutes each day stuck in rush hour traffic, the equivalent to 172 hours, or four working weeks in a year. Despair.

And the thing is ‘rush hour’ now extends way beyond the traditional 7-9 am , 5-7 pm . It would be fair to say Auckland’s main arterial routes are packed pretty much all day.

This traffic problem raises a bigger economic issue for Auckland . We are a population of 1.37 residents and we welcome in excess of 2 million international visitors per year ( that’s not including domestic travellers ). And that number is fast growing.

People want to come and see our fantastic city – great sights, great food, a great arts and sporting scene, great harbours but getting around and eyeing these things is problematic because visitors can’t move that far, that fast. Will the congestion start to impact our visitor numbers with people thinking Auckland is in the too hard basket?

Hopefully not because we at Auckly Walky know how vibrant and fabulous our city is and we want to show it off. That’s why we think two legs good, four wheels bad (not quite the famous George Orwell quote – but you get my drift ?)

In two hours on foot (with a short bus ride to mix things up – and is quick thanks to the bus lane) you will see a solid chunk of inner Auckland – parks, side alley’s, the art gallery, infamous K’Rd,  Suffragette Square, new shopping precincts and the hub of our arts scene .   

While you are in Auckland your time is precious and the last thing to be doing is sitting in a car, stuck in traffic. Instead come on walk with us - book a tour here